The concept of justice, for which humanity starves today, was represented in its fullest terms and taken as the basic principle by the Ottoman State. After the collapse of the Ottoman State, we were separated and became distanced from our brothers in Middle East, Balkans and Africa, who with us had lived under the same flag, grew up within the same boundaries, felt glad and upset to the same values.

As a result of this secession, the strong ties between us which have been built with love and sincerity over centuries has begun to weaken. We started to alienate from each other. Indeed, we have become the nations of different states which separate from each other, even the ones bearing enmity against each other while we used to be one nation of the one state. After the withdrawal of Ottoman State, which ruled in a vast geography of 22 million meter square that is holding 64 different countries today, as one nation and one state with justice, peace and prosperity, these values were replaced by blood and tears.

We have to revive and strengthen our broken ties among Muslim brothers and sisters all over the Islamic World to build ‘ISLAMIC UNITY’ again which we yearn deeply and consider as the greatest obligatory duty of this time. It is an undeniable fact that the ‘YOUTH’ will be the most important subject of this revival. This is because, 55 percent of 2 billion people in the Islamic World is under the age of 26. Having consciousness for unity of this great potential will play an important role in ensuring justice, peace and prosperity in the world.

In order to strengthen the unity consciousness of our young brothers in the Islamic world, as Hayrat International Student Association, we have determined the title of this years’ forum as “Reviving the Unity”, which will be the third one of Hayrat Youth Forums that we organize every year with the motto “In Pursuit of Islamic Civilization”. In this context, “The 3rd Hayrat Youth Forum” will be held on 17-27 July in Samsun province of Turkey with the participation of expert speakers and 120 young brothers from 40 countries of the Islamic world.

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