Islamic civilization is a means of prosperity and pure justice and virtue.

Youth keep track of our ancient civilization in one of the most important centres of Islamic civilization, Istanbul. They will come together from around the world and offer solutions to the problems of modern world. The fresh principles of Islamic civilization are their point of reference. They will meet on a ground of common civilizational conception by sharing their culture and knowledge. They will build a world where they will live together by establishing the unity among themselves which is the essential of Islamic civilization.

Meet young Muslims from around the world. Equip yourself with a new thinking on civilization. Learn from the experiences of each other. Contribute to the efforts for a better Islamic World. Reflect on the definitions of our civilization on human and life. Isolate enmity and antipathy among yourselves. Remember the pains and troubles of oppressed people across the world.

This century needs principles that will renovate social life, law, social rights and politics.

The only way to reach the minds and hearts of the people of this century is persuasion, not compulsion.

The weak pillars of present civilization cannot carry the castle of humanity..

Islamic civilization is the way to the happiness of two lives.

Outline of 11 days

Day 1 Thursday July 30th Arrivals to Istanbul
 Day 2 Friday July 31st Opening Ceremony
Day 3 Saturday August 1st Keynote Talks, Panels, Presentations, Evening Activities
Day 4 Sunday August 2nd Keynote Talks, Panels, Presentations, Evening Activities
Day 5 Monday August 3rd Keynote Talks, Panels, Presentations, Evening Activities
Day 6 Tuesday August 4th Keynote Talks, Panels, Presentations, Evening Activities
Day 7 Wednesday August 5th Keynote Talks, Panels, Presentations, Evening Activities
Day 8 Thursday August 6th Istanbul City Tour
Day 9 Friday August 7th Bursa Visit & Closing Ceremony
Day 10 Saturday August 8th Bursa Uludag Picnic & Return to Istanbul
Day 11 Sunday August 9th Return of Participants

Timetable of one day

04:30 05:30 Fajr Prayer
09:00 09:40 Breakfast
10:00 10:15 Introduction of daily program
10:15 12:30 Keynote Talks
12:30 13:40 Break & Zuhr Prayer
13:40 14:20 Lunch
14:30 16:00 Panels
16:00 16:30 Break
16:30 17:30 Presentations
17:30 18:40 Asr Prayer & Break
18:40 19:30 Dinner
20:00 23:00 Evening Activity
23:00 00:00 ‛Ishaa’ Prayer


  • Prof. Dr. Recep ŞENTÜRK
    Prof. Dr. Recep ŞENTÜRK
    • Ibrahim Kalın
      Ibrahim Kalın
      • Prof. Yusuf Kaplan
        Prof. Yusuf KaplanAcademician
        • Atty. Ali Kurt
          Atty. Ali KurtSecretary General of the Union of NGOs of the Islamic World
          • Hasan Spiker
            Hasan SpikerIslamic Scholar

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